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My accomplishments include piecing quilt tops for the Quilt In A Day quilt shop in San Marcos, CA. The quilt top was for use in the Victory Quilts Trunk Show.

I am also one of the featured quilters in , Eleanor Burns', Quilt In A Day, Lover's Knot pattern book.

Quilts and everything quilted

quilted accessoriesI am a quilter that lives in south/central Texas, and although the weather here can be very mild in the winter, we still need our quilts. To me, quilts bring a sense of comfort and I know that my family enjoys snuggling up with a warm quilt on a cold winter's day. Quilts also make great picnic throws, beach blankets or decorative throws.I hope that I am able to bring comfort and love to anyone that wraps themselves in one of my quilts or hangs one in their home.

handmade pursesI have been quilting for 18+ years and truly love the art of bringing fabric to life in my quilts and wall hangings. A quilt makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift and brings a sense of comfort and peace to those that receive it as well as to those that give it. Quilts are filled with the personality, and soul of the quilter as she/he adds pieces of fabric together creating a final project. When someone buys one of my quilts part of me goes with it along with my heartfelt good wishes.